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Saint Peter

From The Hundredfold

For Fridays in Lent this year, I’ve been reading dramatic monologues from my book-length poem, The Hundredfold: Songs for the Lord. These poems are the first six (of twelve) monologues in the book, and they lead up to the 33rd of the 100 poems. Last week our speaker was Bartimaeus the man born blind, recalling his past life, thinking about the present, and remembering the tremendous day when his eyes were opened at last. This week, the speaker is Saint Peter, on Good Friday, after he denied that he even knew Jesus, and the cock crowed, and Peter realized that he had done exactly what Jesus said he would do, and he went out of the city and wept bitterly.


“The Sorrow of St. Peter,” James Jacques Tissot. Public Domain.

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