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Trying to make predictions for the rest of the week - Andrew Marvell as the poet. Maybe Andy Devine in the movie? (Or one of the Andy Hardy films? I have never actually seen any of those, but I know our host is a Rooney advocate.) The song seems most tough. All I can think of is Andy Gibb, unlikely to be a Mrs. E. favorite. (Nor should he be - his brothers recorded some songs that were good within their genre, but his songs are forgotten.) I guess it will be a surprise!

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These were all wrong! I guess we went more in the manly direction. Alas.

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My son's name is Andrew. We took his naming very seriously.

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Now there's a connection I did not know about: Andrew and Nero...how about that? But now that I see it, it makes sense--you can almost hear the "Nero" in Andrew if you drag it out.

I'm foreseeing a lot of fun with this feature! Names have such wonderful hidden meanings, and sometimes, they fit the person just too well, so that it makes you wonder....was it ONLY their parents who named them?

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