Events & News

Dr. Esolen has joined the faculty of Thales College, Wake Forest, NC as Distinguished Professor of Humanities.

  • Coming on October 17th and October 24th
    Dr. Esolen will be offering a two-part lecture series for The Institute for Catholic Culture which is free to attend online. The topic is “The Mythological Imagination — Or Not: The Sumerians, Hesiod, & Creation in the Old Testament.” For more details and links to readings and registration information, click on the image below.

  • Coming October 24th: Book Release
    Available now for pre-order, Dr. Esolen’s new translation of St. Augustine’s Confessions will be released next week. It will be available from the publisher, Tan Books, from Amazon and from other booksellers.

    The Confessions is one continued and coherent prayer, a profound profession of faith, and a plea for more, ever more wisdom, ever more love. It is artistic in its whole conception, in its parts and their arrangement down to the merest sentence. It is closer to the Gothic cathedrals that would grace Europe eight hundred years later than to anything that you or I might write about ourselves and our lives. —- Anthony Esolen

  • Coming on November 9th
    Dr. Esolen will be offering a webinar for Thales Press which is free to attend online. The topic is “To Read a Work of Art /To Enter Another World.” For more information about how to register for this event, click on the image below.