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I've always had the fantastical pipe dream that Paradise Lost could make a phenomenal film, though the rational part of me knows that even in a near-perfect world, it would likely be impossible. In the Hollywood of today, there isn't even an iota of possibility, since they're so utterly antithetical to everything in the poem. I had heard, some years ago, that some misguided director-actor pairing (Bradley Cooper was the latter, I think) wanted to attempt it. Blessedly, it fell through, and let us hope it remains so. I shudder to imagine the hack job they'd do to it.

Perhaps the great directors of the Golden Age and their moral sensibilities, married with the best and most subtle use of the technology we have today, could have crafted something great of it, but even then, I do not know. But what a sight it could be, were it actually done justice! The poem will suffice, though...more than enough, and at least I can make the perfect movie of it in my head!

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"And even we can understand the feeling. What good to me is the house I am writing from right now, except that my wife is here with me, and without her, what would it mean?"

I'm also writing from a house, but there is no wife here with me and almost certainly never will be. In Catholicism we sometimes talk about the "vocation to the generous single life" which is what I'm trying to lead. My experience is that this way of life, too, can have meaning.

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