This hymn is new to me and with the commentary will inspire me to keep my perspective. It’s just what I needed to hear having seen the latest news in the world, the nation, the church. And now I must rouse myself to go sit with my husband at his dialysis and face his cognitive decline. We will only know in heaven how our words, your words, have helped particular and unknown souls to “fight the good fight.”

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Oh, I love this! Have loved this hymn since I sang it for the first time at a tiny Presbyterian church, and we sang it at the graduation of my daughter and some of her other home-educated friends. Understanding the reality of earthly wars, their real horrors and the courage of those who fight them with honor and virtue, who fight for love and Justice (rightly defined), guards us from sentimentalizing the imagery of spiritual battle. It is far more intense, yet unlike earthly wars, our ultimate victory has been secured. We can fight with even greater courage because we have a greater Hope.

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