Oct 3, 2022 • 5M


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Anthony Esolen
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Sometimes, when I am listening to the word of God from the dull and often misleading English translation my Church uses for the lectionary, I have to grit my teeth and shut my eyes – anything rather than smack my head and or knock the hymnal off the pew.  That’s the case when I hear Jesus’ parable of the vineyard owner who leased his fields to tenant farmers.  When the time for gathering the grapes came, Jesus says, he sent a servant for (here comes the dull and misleading word) the PRODUCE.  It is as if Jesus and the disciples were used to going to the ancient Acme Grocery Store, or the A & P.
     “Pete,” says Jesus, “we could use some sweet snacks for the trip to Jerusalem.  Would you go to the Jericho A & P and see what they have in the PRO-duce section?  Maybe some bunches of grapes, if they’re not overripe, or perhaps a sack of – what do they call that fruit from Persia?  Peaches.  I like them.”
     The word that Jesus undoubtedly used in his native Aramaic was well translat…

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