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I was going to suggest you feature this movie, one of my all time favorites. I saw it on a local TV station on Mother's Day. I think, but unsure, that my family had a small book named Mama's Bank Account. I read that over and over but the book has been lost over time. I'm trying to think of the author and Betty McDonald comes to mind. I am no doubt confused but I keep remembering the name, Dagmar, who of course was the little girl who loved her kitty, Uncle Elizabeth. Spoiler-"cured" by Mama. Thank you for featuring this classic movie. Irene Dunn is one of my very favorite actresses. A lovely, wholesome family story with scenes of San Francisco where I spent a couple of happy years before it's downfall.

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I’d love to see your list!

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This is one of our favorite movies. We have watched it so many times, and it’s one of those movies that we quote occasionally: “We don’t want to have to go to the bank”, and other dialogue. And Uncle Chris! What a lovable curmudgeon!

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