The DVD is available for $10 on Amazon. My DVD still works, fortunately!

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You had me at Greer Garson…

Have y’all ever heard of the children’s book Paddle to the Sea? It’s from 1941, and one of my boys’ favorites. It tracks the voyage of a toy canoe from northwest Canada through the Great Lakes and to the ocean. There’s lots of beautiful nature - but also lots of old fashioned American and Canadian industry! I don’t think they make many kids’ books about iron ore factories anymore…

My (wrong) guess for the movie this week was The Clock, with Robert Walker and Judy Garland (don’t worry, she doesn’t sing! ; ) ). It’s a sweet, romantic window into life in New York City during the war, what New York looks like to visitors, what you can find (and lose) in the city’s streets. I’m sure you know it but if not give it a try, it’s overlooked but good.

Thank you as always for everything!

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"Can you be a snob, in fact, if you’re going to be an excellent industrialist? Won’t you have to get your hands dirty in the work? Won’t you have to rely on men with experience, and not just ideas on paper?"

This could almost have come out of Atlas Shrugged. That's not intended as an insult.

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Is this in available on anywhere online. Can't find it on Amazon Prime or Netflix. 😕

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