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We also have a number of turkeys down here in RI, both wild and not. I think it depends on the bird, but I've seen ones that were quite stupid and ones that seem strangely smart. One of the dumb ones got caught in my backyard many years ago: walked right in through the gate and couldn't find its way back out, even though the gate was still open. It would go up to the fence and try to get under it by pushing its head on the ground, until we finally chased it out.

But then, just a few years ago, there was a trio of the ruffians who were harassing locals at the heart of my town. They were scaring off people coming to the town hall to pay taxes (not a bad thing, I suppose), and they trapped one lady in her car. They tried to catch them, but they were evasive. One of them was clearly the ringleader, and he was the last to be captured. After they nabbed his two buddies, he seemed to develop a grudge: he would go right up to the window of the mayor's office in the town hall and stare into it. He also learned to recognize the Animal Control vehicles, and would run away when they showed up, so that they had to start using an undercover car. Given how much smarter he was than every turkey I've seen, I think he must have been the King of the Turkeys. I believe he was caught eventually, but I'm certain he's still out there, scheming...

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