Sep 5, 2022 • 7M



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On the seventh day, says the sacred author, God rested from all the WORKS he had wrought, and therefore he blessed that day, and made it holy.  The ancient Christians were careful to note that God doesn’t WORK for a time and then rest for a time, but that he is always in act and always at rest.  When was the sixth day of creation?  You are living in it now.  And the seventh day is both here, in the eternal rest of God, and it is yet to come, because we have not yet attained that rest. Said Saint Augustine: “But the seventh day is without an evening, and has no setting, because you have made it holy and to abide forever.  And thus, after you had made all your very good works, though you were at rest when you made them, you rested, that the voice of your book might foretell to us that we too, after all our works that are very good because you have given them to us, might rest in you, in the sabbath of eternal life.”
     Fallen man is often not overfond of WORK, because it is trouble…

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